Giovanni Fassio is a soldier of the Special Corps of the Navy licensed in Bari. He meets Angela and it is love at first sight. He leaves the uniform to fulfill his duties and honor that child who will never be born. He gets married and finds himself without a job, with two little girls to support. A different Christmas than usual, but on that night of desperation, his mother-in-law, Anna, invites him to come to an appointment with his nephew, Giulio, who manages in a short time to make him break in high society…the Mafia, the smuggling of cigarettes. A difficult choice, a dark crossroad, legality or honored society.

Original title: Notti Bionde – L’El Dorado del contrabbando
Genre: Docufilm
Country: Italy
Production year: 2021
Running time: 60 min.
Language: Italian
Directed by: Vito Caggianelli
Main Cast: Mario De Felice, Gianni Fassio, Gianni Ciardo, Tano D’Amore
Produced by: Ismaele Film