“Digital for Humanity” is a tribute to those who look in the mirror every morning and decide to do something for others. Filippo and Paolo have selected 6 Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) throughout Italy, giving life to a hard but exciting journey, traveled in bicycle, train, and ship. “Digital for Humanity” is an indiscreet eye that accompanies the protagonists, stage by stage, with a growing curiosity and an awareness that develops in the eyes of the people met. “Digital for Humanity” is a gift to dreamers. Silent heroes hidden behind monitors and keyboards that put their time and skills at their disposal, leaving no one behind.

Original title: Digital for humanity
Genre: Docufilm
Country: Italy
Production year: 2021
Running time: 59 min.
Language: Italian
Directed by: Raffaele Petrigliano
Main Cast: Filippo Scorza, Paolo Marazzi
Produced by: Italianfilm