Lorenzo De Santis, known as “Varichina”, is the first, noisy and picturesque openly homosexual person, who lived in Bari at the turn of the twentieth century. In this temporal and geographical context, being homosexual can be hard, confessing it to the world is very risky. Varichina is well aware of it, but he does not intend to hide. Between real testimonies and reconstructions, “Varichina” is the brightly colored story of a man who made a flag of a life without privileges.

Original title: Varichina – La vera storia della finta vita di Lorenzo De Santis
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Production year: 2016
Running time: 53 min.
Language: Italian
Directed by: Antonio Palumbo, Mariangela Barbanente
Main Cast: Totò Onnis, Ketty Volpe, Federica Torchetti, Lucia Coppola
Produced by: Golden Hour Film, Ismaele Film, Rai Cinema