Artex Film is a film distribution and production company established in 2017 with the aim of bringing short films back into the spotlight of public attention. This idea stems from the belief that the “short” format has a potential that has not been fully expressed in terms of audience appeal, and that it inherently allows authors greater freedom of expression. And, often these authors become successful directors in the future. After a meticulous promotion of the titles selected, the best national and international short films were screened in theaters, right before feature films. Thus, Artex Film includes in its catalog a wide range of short films, in partnership with the main Italian and international festival distribution companies. Over the years, Artex has expanded its activities to the distribution of feature films in cinemas, and then to international sales to broadcasters and platforms. Moreover, in 2022, Artex Film embarked on the path of film production with “Feminine Singular”, an episodic movie that addresses issues related to women’s rights and gender equality (featuring Catherine Deneuve, Monica Guerritore, Violante Placido among the cast). “Feminine Singular” was distributed by Artex Film and screened in over a hundred theaters nationwide. This was possible thanks to the collaborative network created with local associations focused on the fight against discrimination and gender-based violence, located in the Italian territory. One of Artex’s strengths is the coexistence, alongside the production department, of a well-established distribution experience and expertise that guarantee targeted planning strategies. As a matter of fact, for Artex Film, the distribution potential is a key aspect in the selection and development of film projects. To promote its production and distribution activities internationally, Artex Film regularly participates in major international markets including EFM, MIA Market, Marché du Film, and AFM in Los Angeles. With its presence, and thanks to the dedication of a young team that has invested a lot of energy in the research of projects with high artistic value, Artex Film has quickly built a network of collaborations, both nationally and internationally, initiating several film co-productions. Despite its young age, Artex stood out at the latest EFM and Marché du Film in the Italian Pavilion for its intense public relations activities. Artex Film’s main objective is to produce and distribute films with an internationally scope, that address highly relevant issues, such as the ongoing social transformations, with particular attention to the inclusivity trait and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the synergy with important international partners, our challenge with these projects is to achieve an artistic level that leads to their selection in major film festivals, while also having the ability to entertain a wide audience through the language and the themes explored.
Artex Film also operates within the Italian film industry as a film distribution company, either as a distributor or through a service formula. We can count on a network of over 3.000 screens, including independent cinemas, circuits, and large multiplexes.
This type of service sees Artex Film engaged in organizing all aspects and services necessary to prepare and manage the theatrical release. This includes choosing the distribution strategy, liaising with laboratories for the creation and sending of graphic and digital materials, rental control activities, reporting and revenue calculation with billing management. Artex Film can also offer additional services, such as the creation of promotional materials (artwork and trailers) or the management of the advertising campaign and strategy. The total cost for these services (P&A) is borne by the producer who, in this way, also acts as a distributor.
Operating as a distributor, Artex Film takes charge of all aspects of distribution and covers the costs for P&A. This type of agreement involves a distribution fee and, once the expenses are recovered, a percentage split of the profits derived from the theatrical exploitation of the film.
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