Artex Film is an Italian sales, distribution and production company founded in 2017. We have several projects currently in various stages of development or production, and a film catalogue that we strive to enrich and refresh during markets. Our lineup ranges from drama to comedy, from genre films to documentaries, from mainstream to arthouse, always with a focus on quality.
Artex Film also operates within the Italian film industry as a film distribution company, either as a distributor or through a service formula. We can count on a network of over 3.000 screens, including independent cinemas, circuits, and large multiplexes.
This type of service sees Artex Film engaged in organizing all aspects and services necessary to prepare and manage the theatrical release. This includes choosing the distribution strategy, liaising with laboratories for the creation and sending of graphic and digital materials, rental control activities, reporting and revenue calculation with billing management. Artex Film can also offer additional services, such as the creation of promotional materials (artwork and trailers) or the management of the advertising campaign and strategy. The total cost for these services (P&A) is borne by the producer who, in this way, also acts as a distributor.
Operating as a distributor, Artex Film takes charge of all aspects of distribution and covers the costs for P&A. This type of agreement involves a distribution fee and, once the expenses are recovered, a percentage split of the profits derived from the theatrical exploitation of the film.
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